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Thai Burma Border Refugee and Migrant Health and Education Support Program

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005
Administered by:

Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions, Thailand USAID-Bangkok
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Applications Due:

Apr 27, 2005
Applications will be due on Wednesday April 27th, 2005 by 4:00 p.m. Bangkok Time.

total funding: $24,400,000
max award: $24,400,000
min award: $24,400,000
cost sharing, matching: No
number of awards: 1
type of funding: Cooperative Agreement

Subject: Request for Applications (RFA) Number 486-05-001 Thai/Burma Border Refugee/Migrant Health & Education Support Program
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through its Regional Development Mission/Asia, is seeking applications from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to implement activities to support programs for the Thai/Burma Border Refugee/Migrant Health and Education Support Program. The authority for the Request for Applications (RFA) is found in the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended.
The Recipient will be responsible for ensuring achievement of the program objectives to alleviate human suffering through protecting life with dignity in Burma?s border areas. Please refer to the Program Description for a complete statement of goals and expected results, as described in Section C of this RFA.
Non-US PVO?s are eligible to apply and do not need to separately register with USAID to be eligible for award, but they must be determined by USAID to have the systems, internal controls, staffing and finances to manage and implement the program. This review will be done as part of the proposal evaluation process.
The chosen Recipient will be responsible for ensuring achievement of the program objectives described in Section C. Applicants are encouraged to form partnerships with other organizations to ensure that appropriate technical expertise can be focused on meeting the primary objectives of the program (see section A.II.j.4 of the attachment below). Please refer to the Program Description for a complete statement of goals and expected results.
Pursuant to 22 CFR 226.81, it is USAID policy not to award profit under assistance instruments. However, all reasonable, allocable, and allowable expenses, both direct and indirect, which are related to the grant program and are in accordance with applicable cost standards (22 CFR 226, OMB Circular A-122 for non-profit organization, OMB Circular A-21 for universities, and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 31 for-profit organizations), may be paid under the grant.
Subject to the availability of funds, USAID intends to provide approximately $24,400,000.00 (twenty-four million U.S. dollars) in total USAID funding to be allocated over a five (5) year period. USAID reserves the right to fund any or none of the applications submitted.
For the purposes of this program, this RFA is being issued and consists of this cover letter and the following:
1. Section A - Agreement Application Format;
2. Section B - Selection Criteria;
3. Section C ? Program Description; and
4. Section D - Certifications, Assurances, and Other Statements of Applicant/Grantee.
For the purposes of this RFA, the term "Grant" is synonymous with "Cooperative Agreement"; "Grantee" is synonymous with "Recipient"; and "Grant Officer" is synonymous with "Agreement Officer".
Any questions regarding this RFA should be submitted in writing and sent via email to Ms. Doanh Van at dvan@usaid.gov. If you decide to submit an application, it must be received by the closing date and time indicated at the top of this cover letter at the place designated below for receipt of applications.
Faxed proposals are not acceptable. The preferred method of transmission for proposals is by e-mail attachment, sent to dvan@usaid.gov (see Section A.IV.C of the attachment regarding instructions for email transmissions). In addition to submission of your application by email, hard copies of applications and modifications thereof shall be submitted in accord with the terms of this RFA in envelopes with the name and address of the applicant and RFA (referenced above) inscribed thereon, to:
By U.S. Mail)
Ms. Doanh Van
Regional Agreement Officer
American Embassy Thailand/Bangkok
Box 47
APO, AP 96546
(By All Other Means of Delivery)
Ms. Doanh Van
Regional Agreement Officer
USAID, American Embassy
93/1 Wireless Road, 5th Floor
Bangkok, Thailand 10330
If an application has been timely submitted by email, the hard copies are not required to be received by the due date specified above. Applicants are requested to submit both technical and cost portions of their applications in separate volumes. Award will be made to the responsible applicant or applicants whose applications best respond to the terms of this RFA.
Issuance of this RFA does not constitute an award commitment on the part of the Government, nor does it commit the Government to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of an application. In addition, final award of any resulting cooperative agreement(s) cannot be made until funds have been fully appropriated, allocated, and committed through internal USAID procedures. While it is anticipated that these procedures will be successfully completed, potential applicants are hereby notified of these requirements and conditions for award. Applications are submitted at the risk of the applicant, and all preparation and submission costs are at the applicant's expense.
The preferred method of distribution of USAID procurement information is via the Internet. This RFA and any future amendments can be downloaded from the internet at the following website address: http://www.Fedgrants.gov. Select ?applicants? from the home page. On the following screens, select AID, overseas, and Thailand. Alternatively, you may select "search grant postings? make your selection then click on ?start search? and here you will find a list of all new solicitations and you can download this RFA. Receipt of this RFA through the internet must be confirmed by written notification to dvan@usaid.gov. This will also facilitate the sending of any future notices or modifications to interested parties regarding this RFA. It is the responsibility of the recipient of the application document to ensure that it has been received in its entirety and USAID bears no responsibility for data errors resulting from transmission or conversion processes.
In the event of any inconsistency between the documents comprising this RFA, it shall be resolved by the following descending order of precedence:
1) Section B - Selection Criteria;
2) Section A - Agreement Application Format;
3) Section C - The Program Description;
4) This Cover Letter.
Applicants should take account of the expected delivery time required by the proposal transmission method they choose, and are responsible to ensure that proposals are received at USAID in Bangkok, Thailand by the due date and time specified above.
Applicants should retain for their records one copy of the application and all enclosures which accompany their application.
Thank you for your interest in USAID activities.
Doanh Q. Van
Regional Agreement Officer
USAID Regional Development Mission/Asia
Bangkok, Thailand

Who can apply:


Eligible functional categories:
Funding Sources:

USAID Foreign Assistance for Programs Overseas

More Information:

If you have problems accessing the full announcement, please contact: Van, Doanh

Address Info:

Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions, Thailand USAID-Bangkok

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